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What is T.R.U.E.?

T.R.U.E. is:

• Highly discerning, passionate people who are interested in THE truths behind the mysteries of this awesomely fascinating life in an incredibly immense universe.

• People who can (or will be shown how to) personally verify THE truths behind these mysteries in ways that are objective and backed by science and not based on “belief” or “opinions” or just accepting what a person or organization says.

• A group to be a collective, active, influencing voice for THE PROVEN truth in the world ... a world whose mainstream doesn't believe in, let alone know and understand, God, as is evidenced by God not being able to be mentioned in the mainstream institutions or Who is not revered in the sin and compromise (and therefore dysfunctional) side of the culture.

• People who have a strong desire to spread THE truth because of the functional and experiential beauty they've come to see it contains.

• People who have a feeling that they’d like to make a difference in getting the mainstream to recognize how much greater God and His ways are than what is currently revered and followed.

• People who want to counter the rise in atheism with provable truth.

• People who see the "lukewarm" attitude about God by most and want to help move them more in the direction of God, His greatness, His love and His highly functional ways.

• People actively engaged in projects to make the world a better place by spreading THE truth because they've come to know that it contains the solutions to life's problems (both personal and societal).

• People who care about others enough to feel a responsibility and inSpiration to not hold back the beautiful and functional truth they've come to know in God and to give others an OPPORTUNITY to come to know and understand and connect with God on a personal level.

• People who want to answer the call by Jesus to all Christians (in "The Great Commission" - Matthew 28:16-20) that we spread Him in the world.

• An organization to give people the OPPORTUNITY to have more inSpired and passionate lives.

• People who know that the surest way to bridge our life now into a great eternity is to join in with God, His love and His mission NOW, during this life. And they want to spread that message and the facts that prove it.

• An organization to give people the OPPORTUNITY to be joined with other people who also want to be focused on the higher realities of God, in their actions and in God's love.

• An OPPORTUNITY for people to rise above the mediocrity and compromise that is common in the world into a higher state of God’s love, holiness and mission.

• An OPPORTUNITY for people to ground their “game” energy into the BIG game … the game of life. God (the Trinity) as the coach (through His Spirit and Bible) … and TRUE as one of His teams.

TRUE is for those who are interested in spreading God through objective PROOF!

God has been unwisely, unintelligently and unjustly kicked out of the mainstream institutions and culture in this country.

NOW is the time to do something about that.

And we can!

• Science is on the side of God and the Bible (not atheistic modern science theories)!
• Logic is on the side of God and the Bible!
• Good function is on the side of God and the Bible!
• Statistics are on the side of God and the Bible!
• Experiential beauty is on the side of God and the Bible!

And that has all been PROVEN … scientifically and logically … in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. It and its contents can be seen at

So NOW it’s time to let the rest of the world know these facts.

There are some great plans in the works as to how this can be done.

Here’s how this will be carried out:
• Through public events, debates and presentations,
• devised and planned through group meetings, and
• promoted through the media (TV, radio, internet and print articles and press releases), flyers, word of mouth, forwarded emails, and social media,
• based on an educational foundation delivered in a course.

There is strength in (like-minded and like-Spirited) numbers.

Therefore, please forward this to anyone you know who might be interested.

Step 1 in T.R.U.E. is for each individual active member to come to a high state of what each letter in T.R.U.E. represents, which is:

Realizing the PROVEN truths that describe what is behind the mysteries of life
Understanding what this life is all about and the perfect reason why it is the way that it is
Experiencing a high state of harmony with God, each other and life, and fulfilling our and our Creator’s great purpose within it

And this is all based on objective, science-backed PROOF, not belief.

T.R.U.E. offers a course in which each person can achieve all of this. It can be seen at
This is guaranteed
to be the best Christian (and really, basic life) education and formation you could get anywhere.

The reason this course is important is: it would be unrealistic to expect the active (not just "supporting") members of TRUE to be highly confident, inspired and energized about TRUE and what it would be presenting if they didn't fully know what it was presenting and:
(1) weren't fully convinced that the body of knowledge that TRUE presents is the best that is in the world (in terms of being simple, objective and scientifically backed explanations of THE truth) and why it is needed,
(2) didn't know how it could fully do what it uniquely says it can do (which is: objectively prove that God exists and the Bible is all true and that following it to the letter leads to the best possible life and afterlife, and that TRUE has convincing methods to accomplish that), and
(3) didn't know how TRUE could do this better than any other similar approach in the world.

If you want to gradually get a feel for this without commiting to the whole course, go to .(Getting that book will be part of the course. So you wouldn't need to purchase it again.).

Step 2 in T.R.U.E. is for the active members to attend regular Project Planning meetings for spreading the truth, in which the plans are also made for how to carry out the projects formulated.
“It is good to be a seeker. But sooner or later you will become a finder. And then it is good to give what you’ve found into the world as a gift to whoever can receive it.”
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The overall idea behind TRUE is:

(1) To first individually be united with … actually, immersed IN … God, and to have developed the ability to hear and follow God's movement within.

(2) To join with others who are also in God and who value His way as their highest priority.

(3) To follow God's movement within us to spread Him, His mission and the good function, joy, inspiration, love and peace that goes along with His ways.

(4) To include more and more people in this most pure experience and way of living through an organization that gives the opportunity, option and support for those focuses ... and who want to hold to a standard that is higher than what is commonly found in the world.

And all of this is done with Jesus as our active head and the Holy Spirit as our experiential leader.

How is T.R.U.E. different?

There are a lot of people and organizations who will offer explanations as to what the meaning of life is and what the mysteries behind the universe are all about.

But can they objectively and scientifically PROVE that their explanations are true?

(Ask them to. And keep in mind that if a difference for God is to be made in the current mainstream, it must be acknowledged that scientific proof is what it requires for legitimacy. And T.R.U.E. can deliver that.)

There have been many organizations that deal with these most interesting aspects of life … the fact of our existence here in this GIANT universe and what it all means, and how to optimally be in harmony with it all. And in human history, some of these organizations remain and some fizzle out. But are any of them complete? That is, do they prove their answers to the questions without requiring you to just believe their answers? ("Knowing" is more powerful than "believing", which can be fleeting). And do they actively and with great inSpiration live out the holiness, agape love and mission our Creator calls us to?

If we are going to make good decisions on how to approach this life and the afterlife, it would be good if we knew what they were all about and not just be relegated to believe what some organization or person said they were all about. (A blind believer usually shows little or no passion for holiness and God's mission. So a good question to ask oneself is: WHAT are you passionate about? Is it God? T.R.U.E. is to gather people who are passionate about God, and to bring others to that by seeing what THE truth about life is and experiencing the beauty of God within them.)

With the "How To Understand And Directly Experience God" course mentioned in Step 1, a person will know the proven answers to what reality is really all about, without having been asked to believe* anything. They will be given proof, which they themselves will be able to verify.

(* "Belief" without proof would include all kinds of religions and explanations. And without PROOF, they each have equal weight as being true. And the degree of their domination would either depend on how emotionally appealing or intimidating they are. But, the science of logic says that there is ONLY ONE explanation as to what the reality is behind this life. And following the trail of PROOFS leads us to that explanation. And that trail has led me to the realization that the only explanation [and I fully tried on 19 of them before coming to the Bible] that is provable is that God exists and the Bible is true.)

Why join TRUE?

Do you want a high ultimate purpose in your life … not just survival or activities that deep down are not that fulfilling and are maybe even kind of boring?

Then join TRUE, because with TRUE you will be aligned with people who are passionate about knowing THE truths about life, who want to elevate their personal experience, and who want to spread the goodness they’ve come to know into a world that is polluted with mediocrity and sin and where many suffer due to dysfunctions that don’t have to be. We might not fix everything in the world, but while we are still on the planet we can be a force to affect things in a positive direction. Then when we do meet God face to face after this physical life, we can hear the greatest thing that a person can hear when God says to us, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21.

With TRUE you will get:
• A course that shows you how to directly experience God, understand God, and know with certainty that God exists and that the Bible comes from Him
• An OPPORTUNITY to not just see what is off in the world, but a chance to do something about that
• A way to reach people for God ... including the people you've always wanted to reach.
• Access to some of the best technologies available for personal growth
• Positive support to carry out your growth
• An invitation to regular meetings and involvement in projects to spread what you know and will be learning, and the excitement of having people to join in with who also are passionate about doing that.
• A way to further discover and be your higher self without intimidation, but rather with support.

And you will become one of the “few” laborers of the richest of all harvests.
“He” (Jesus) “said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few.’” Matthew 9:37

WHY I do what I do
by Dennis Marcellino

I tried nearly everything the world had to offer (in terms of lifestyle, problem solving and truth) – 21 approaches in all - and the first 20 didn’t fully and ultimately work

I tried doing what the Bible says and it worked

Because of my backgrounds in science, psychology, spirituality and theology, I've been able to PROVE that God exists and the Bible is true and contains the optimum ways to approach life. Therefore I want to more and more get out these PROOFS of what THE truth is … in service to God, and so that people and society will know what THE truth is and not waste time and resources basing their ways on living out and promoting things that aren’t true and that aren’t health producing

1They didn't work in being able to:
satisfy an inner driven desire to know the truth;
• end any and all addictive/impulsive tendencies;
• resolve an inner angst;
• give me deep fulfillment;
• eliminate boredom and shallow satisfactions and lead me to what really would satisfy me deeply;
• resolve the issue about what happens after death;
• know how to optimally interact with others;
• give me a confidence and good self-esteem that is based on reality;
• show me when and how I’m on and when I’m off.

2 It worked in being able to bring clarity and understanding and wisdom to my mind in such a way that my heart was also satisfied; and in being able to do all the things that I said in the last paragraph (footnote 1).

3 I’m also driven to bring this message to others and the world because I’ve figured out ways to present and prove that all that I’m saying here is true and how others can verify that for themselves. And I do it in such a way that I don't see being done fully, objectively and succinctly anywhere else. I do this through my books, DVDs, presentations and websites.

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to be the best Christian (and really, basic life) education and formation you could get anywhere.


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I feel strongly about this and want to apply to be on the Board of Directors “For we are God's co-workers" 1Corinthians 3:9

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Please pray for this new ministry ... that it will gather support and find and create opportunities to spread God in an intelligent and loving way.

T.R.U.E. Mission Statement

What are we trying to do with TRUE?

Basically: give God and the Bible a greater and more objective presence in the world at large and in the Christian world to greater degrees by objectively and scientifically proving that He exists and that the Bible is all true and that it is the most effective body of knowledge a person can pattern their life after or a society can pattern its laws and culture after.

1. Because most people seem oblivious to God and the greatness He has to offer, as they are just focused on worldly pass times and stresses, all within worldly traditions and ways of living. But we’ve realized the tremendous beauty in God and His ways and the good function that following the Bible to the letter produces. And we can see that society in general and most people don’t see that (by their priorities and focuses and what they talk about). We realized these things through peak spiritual experiences and through experimenting with life and critically thinking about it, which ended with seeing that following the Bible is the thing that works best. This is also something that people who have experienced NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) are instantly transformed into experiencing and seeing.
2. Because we see suffering in the world that doesn’t have to be if God’s holy ways were to be understood and followed.
3. Because we see the laws of the land not being in harmony with optimum human functioning, as designed by our Creator/Designer.
4. Because we see mediocrity and evil dominating the mainstream culture.
5. Because we see untruths dominating the mainstream educational institutions and a rise in atheism, we therefore see a need for God and the Bible to be objectively and scientifically PROVEN in the world.
6. Because we see that all of the goals stated here will have a better chance of being carried out if people who are serious for God and seeing those goals fulfilled were to be gathered under one organization and would work together.
7. To give people the opportunity to address the questions that they have hidden about the most important things of life (optimum function and death) and to get real answers to those questions that are scientifically proven and therefore can stand up to any other answers (or lack of answers) and ways found in the world.

TRUE offers CONCLUSIVE, objectively and scientifically IRREFUTABLE PROOF that the Bible is 100% reliable as a source of truth and the best ways to approach life and living. Now, that proof needs to be delivered. And that is a big part of what TRUE does. That is a badly needed part of the work of the modern day evangelist: the actual delivering of that proof into the world.

The importance of what we focus on
Have you ever noticed the difference in your experience when you focus on worldly things versus when you focus on Godly things … in what you watch on TV or what you read or what you do or what you talk about? Aren’t the Godly focuses much more fulfilling? I noticed that recently when I went from watching a TV show on the Game Show Network, to watching a documentary on Near Death Experiences. The difference I experienced was watching my experience instantly transformed … going from shallow and just something to pass the time, to an experience that was deep and inspiring and meaningful. And the latter was much more pleasurable.

When we rise above the mundane and put our focus on God and serving Him, God transforms our experience to the highest and most fulfilling it can be. And the potential heights with God are amazing and the best that life has to offer. I say that as one who with God has had the most pleasurable experiences of my life. And seeing and experiencing from the Ultimate Perspective is very liberating and keeps us from getting snagged into the negative snares of this life. It also keeps us within God's purposes and missions for our life.

So given the lack of high level God focuses in the world, TRUE offers OPPORTUNITIES to focus on, speak about, and learn about God, and be inspired within holy fellowship with like minded spirits, serving side by side in inSpired projects. Churches (to varying degrees) also offer these things. But the unique things that TRUE offers are: direct intellectual outreach into the culture, as well as a course that develops a person in the most important basics in life: knowing and walking with God directly in mind, heart and spirit.

Are you right for TRUE and is TRUE right for you? Questions to ask yourself.
1. Have you realized and experienced just how great what God has to offer is? We have, and we see that most people don’t realize this.
2. Are you totally comfortable about what will happen to you after you die?
3. Do you see the suffering in the world? Do you know someone who is suffering? Are you suffering in any way?
4. Are you deeply fulfilled? Are you unsatisfied about your inner life in any way?
5. Are you happy with where the culture is at? Do you think that young adults are being given a world where they can easily put and keep a marriage together and where they can easily find and maintain an inner peace? Do the mainstream institutions and culture make it easy or hard to raise children in God and His ways?
6. Do you think this nation has the best set of laws possible? Do you think that politicians really care about you?
7. Would you like to be involved in something deep and meaningful and affect all of that in a positive way? Would you like your peer group to be people whose top priority is God and His perfection, recognizing that this would also greatly help your growth?
8. Could you PROVE to someone that God exists and the Bible is true? Well, the mainstream institutions of this country don’t include God or the Bible. How can that be in a country where over 90% believe in God? Do you think that is good? Would you like to do something about that?
9. Would you like to have a peace with others without having to compromise your inner peace with God?
10. Do you ever experience boredom? Do your relationships and activities sometime feel shallow and draining?

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