The best proof available that God exists and the Bible is all true!

If you've come to know that:

  • • God exists and the Bible is true,
  • • and that personal lives and society couldn't do any better than follow God's ways,
  • • and therefore you are interested in getting those messages out through objective, scientific, logical, statistical and experiential PROOF,
  • • or if you are unsure about any of that yourself,
  • • or if you'd like to convince others in your life of those things,
  • then read on.

God has been unwisely, unintelligently and unjustly kicked out of the mainstream institutions and culture in this country.

NOW is the time to do something about that!

And we can!

• Science is on the side of God and the Bible (not atheistic modern science theories)!
• Logic is on the side of God and the Bible!
• Good function is on the side of God and the Bible!
• Statistics are on the side of God and the Bible!
• Experiential beauty is on the side of God and the Bible!

And that has all been PROVEN … scientifically and logically … in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. It and its contents can be seen at

So NOW it’s time to let the rest of the world know these facts.

There are some great plans in the works as to how this can be done.

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5.0 out of 5 stars.
The best book of its kind!
June 27, 2009
By James Calhoun (Burtonsville, Maryland, United States)

"I have been a pastor for twenty three years and there were many times when I needed one book that would answer all of the questions that seekers had about faith in a cogent and scientific manner. I was never able to find that one book until now, and Dennis Marcellino has written it! The author seems to make a pretty bold claim when he says that he has discovered and written "the proof" about the existence of God and the veracity of the Bible. When I first picked up the book I was skeptical, however, by the time I put it down my skepticism had been laid to rest. A famous baseball player once quipped about his athletic prowess that,"It ain't bragging if you can back it up." Well this author certainly has backed up his claims with a very readable and enjoyable book. Great job!"

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