Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

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How I would answer a couple of the tougher questions that religious guests are usually asked (that they never are able to adequately answer, usually saying “it’s a mystery”)?

Q. People say that God is a matter of “belief” and not science. You say that’s not true. What do you mean?

A.The people who say that don’t understand science or go deep enough into it. That’s why Louis Pasteur, a founding father of science, said “A little bit of science averts us from God, a lot of it takes us back to Him.” For example, someone might say “Can you show me God?”. I would say “Well, can you show me Gravity or X-rays or magnetism or the nucleus of an atom? Most people don’t understand science and how it proves the existence and nature of invisible things. Well God, who also is invisible, can similarly be proven by science, which I do in my book, Why Are We Here?. This is also why Creationism should have a higher priority over the Unprovable theory of evolution in schools. There has even been a 1/4 million dollar standing offer for 15 years to anyone who could prove that the theory of evolution is true.

Q. Why does God answer just some of the prayers to heal cancer victims and not others?

A. To understand this you need to understand “the bigger picture” of life. That is, people are used to looking at life and the things that go on in it as the end all in itself. But it must be seen that life is more than what goes on on this relatively tiny planet. There is an unfathomably large universe out there that humans obviously didn’t make. And existence in some form has been going on for infinity and will go on for infinity. Now we humans each have been put here on this planet without our being able to have any say about that, and we will be taken off of the planet also without our being able to stop that. But will we go on in some way after we leave this planet and our bodies? The only way to know that answer is to evaluate all possible communications from beyond humanity and see if they are true. To make a long story short, in my 37 years of investigating this (based on my backgrounds in engineering, psychology and philosophy), I’ve found only the Bible can withstand analytical scrutiny and prove to be true. And I present those proofs in my book Why Are We Here? and a speech titled “10 Simple, Conclusive Proofs That God Exists And The Bible Is True”.

Now, having said all of that, here is the answer to your question. If we look at that question with the proof that there is an afterlife and an understanding of what all of that means and how life (both collectively and individually) on earth fits into that picture, we can see that the person who died is perhaps in a better circumstance than the person who survived the cancer. That is, it probably was accomplished what they needed to accomplish on earth and they were allowed to go to Heaven. And the Bible says that Heaven is so great that no one can even imagine how great. Whereas, the surviving person learned what they needed to learn from their cancer experience, but still needs to learn or accomplish more…either for themself or for God’s work on earth.

Q. So then, why are we here?
Q. I know you’ve written a whole book to answer the question ‘why are we here?’, but do you have a short answer to that question?

A. We’ve each been given an ability to choose (although limited) how our life should go for the period of one lifetime…and collectively how our society should go. Then our Creator, who made us and put us in this situation, watches to see what we choose and do. Then based on what we choose, God determines if we can be candidates for His Heaven and New Earth. (The current Earth didn’t achieve God’s goal in that humans didn’t create a perfect, safe, loving, harmonious society of free will beings, even though God has given us all that we needed to do that.) Therefore, the way we now individually become candidates for Heaven is to follow Jesus’ example of making only what is ‘good’ (by God’s definitions, which we can find in the Bible) our highest priority.

In my book, Why Are We Here?, I prove that the fact that all that I just said is true can be verified through science, irrefutable logic, observation and experience.

Q. Bill O’Reilly and Pat Buchanan recently stated that neither understood why there is an element in our society insensitive to the fact that it is hurting both the society and many of its people (e.g. rap music, pornography, abortion, gay marriage, immorality, etc.). How do you understand that?

A.I say that the people who promote these things (greed aside) are “freedom junkies” who have an addiction to trying to create more freedom by breaking down barriers. Why? Because they don’t feel free. This emotional sickness is often rooted in anger and pain and a history of lack of real love in their life. This is also part of the process of people coming to the realization that the most freedom that a human being is capable of is to be found paradoxically in rules. The ultimate solution is discovering that God offers the love and order that they seek, and then surrendering to God and His ways as the ultimate authority. I can personally testify to the problem and solution here having lived them both myself.

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